Better Late Than Never!

Hi everyone,

Although I’ve been in the Design / Renovation/ Staging and Custom Furniture business for quite some time, this is my first blog, and I’m psyched to share with you both my passion for design as well as some of the knowledge I’ve gained.

Many people think that great design is only for a select few, “the rich and famous”, but my first and maybe most important message is that we can ALL be surrounded by beautiful things. Beauty doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Especially now, with the globalization of the marketplace, it has never been easier to find affordable, interesting furniture and accessories.

My credo has always been ‘Function and Style for Every Taste and Budget.’ Notice that function is the first and most important ingredient in my strategy. In easy terms it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS…how you relate to your space and how you relate to others within that space. You can have the most luxurious, fabulous expensive furniture in the world, but if your room isn’t safe and isn’t meeting your needs – it’s worthless!!

Start with a plan. That means listing on paper the FUNCTION of each room. ( is your family room a TV room, a place where you do hobbies, play family games, eat, pay bills, use a computer, entertain?) Once you have determined what the space will be used for, draw a layout of the room, inserting all of the furniture you will need.( properly scaled) Next, add in all of the lighting, electrical outlets, cables etc. that are required to support all of your activities. Price everything out before you buy anything. You might decide that the scope you have chosen is too broad, and you may have to revisit your list.

Your home should be a reflection of you; your lifestyle, your taste, your interests and hobbies and your budget. I never want anyone to stress about money when designing or renovating your home. It’s just not worth it! There is always a creative less expensive solution out there that won’t leave you strapped for cash. (Maxing out your credit cards is NOT what I had in mind!!!) It may require making some tough choices such as rethinking the project, prioritizing or dividing the project into “now” and “later”. In this era of instant gratification it helps to remember the age-old wisdom that ‘the key to happiness is to be happy with what we have’. That doesn’t mean that we never strive to improve our current situation, only that we are grateful for what is ours at this point in time.  And since your home will inherently reflect YOU, when you are stressed or frightened and need to retreat  to your happy place’,,,that place will be your HOME!!!

til next time


Shaila Gottlieb

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