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The Power of RE

Great design doesn’t mean spending mega bucks to achieve incredible spaces that look like a million, and stand the test of time.
“RE” is such a small preposition but never underestimate the power of small.
REview how you feel in each space.
RE evaluate how each room functions, whether your taste has changed and the condition of your furniture.
REduce the clutter.
REmove things that impede traffic flow, and that are too large for the space.
RElocate furniture or accessories to give your rooms a fresh look.
REarrange artwork to give a more balanced, harmonious feeling.
REject, REtire things that aren’t working, then
REcycle them.
REfer to design magazines to narrow down your style, but REfuse to be trendy.
REalize that you are an individual, so even though everything that the REtailers are showing looks REmarkable,
REsist being part of the herd.
REach out if you are stuck!

Emotional Clutter by guest blogger Carly Cooper

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4 Steps to Emotional Spring Cleaning.

June 11, 2012 by CarlyCooper6
Ahhhh, Spring. With the start of this warmer season comes the promise of regrowth, fresh starts and new possibilities. For many of us, this is a time where we feel inspired to do some spring cleaning to remove the clutter we accumulated over time. While you immediately think about cleaning out your closets, drawers and even your inbox to create space, it’s equally, if not more important to clear out your emotional clutter. It’s been said that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. So if your physical space is messy, it’s time to check in and start to do some emotional Spring cleaning. Here’s how.
1. Clear the Clutter. In order to get rid of the inner clutter, you must first tackle the physical clutter. Looking at piles of paper and endless unopened messages in your inbox is a definite source of stress because it’s a constant on your to do list that never seems to get done. In order to release the stress and tension emotionally, you must make the time to chip away at these piles. Create a system that works for you and stick with it.
2. Let Go of Resentments. Holding on to grudges and being unforgiving is about keeping you stuck, not punishing the other person. When you keep these negative feelings inside, they grow and create more negativity in your life. Make a list of all the people or situations you are angry with. Ask yourself what the benefit is to holding on to this negativity. You don’t have to like what happened or agree with it. You don’t even have to speak to the other person ever again. But if you want to be free emotionally, it’s time to forgive and move on.
3. Stop the Excuses. Whenever you hear yourself saying no to an opportunity or coming up with a reason why you can’t, that’s your fear talking. Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary. But if you want to live an exciting, fulfilling life of purpose, you have to feel the fear and do it anyway.
4. Commit and Do it. So many of us suffer from procrastination paralysis. When the task in front of us seems too big, daunting or scary, we spin our wheels without getting anywhere. Then we feel stressed out by looming deadlines or feel like failures for not getting anything accomplished. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Commit to working on whatever you have to do for that time and give yourself permission to walk away when the timer goes off if you feel like you can’t do any more. Half the battle is showing up.
Action Challenge
Choose one step from the list above to implement this week.
Would you like some support and accountability? Schedule a complimentary coaching consultation with me.
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Better Late Than Never!

Hi everyone,

Although I’ve been in the Design / Renovation/ Staging and Custom Furniture business for quite some time, this is my first blog, and I’m psyched to share with you both my passion for design as well as some of the knowledge I’ve gained.

Many people think that great design is only for a select few, “the rich and famous”, but my first and maybe most important message is that we can ALL be surrounded by beautiful things. Beauty doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Especially now, with the globalization of the marketplace, it has never been easier to find affordable, interesting furniture and accessories.

My credo has always been ‘Function and Style for Every Taste and Budget.’ Notice that function is the first and most important ingredient in my strategy. In easy terms it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS…how you relate to your space and how you relate to others within that space. You can have the most luxurious, fabulous expensive furniture in the world, but if your room isn’t safe and isn’t meeting your needs – it’s worthless!!

Start with a plan. That means listing on paper the FUNCTION of each room. ( is your family room a TV room, a place where you do hobbies, play family games, eat, pay bills, use a computer, entertain?) Once you have determined what the space will be used for, draw a layout of the room, inserting all of the furniture you will need.( properly scaled) Next, add in all of the lighting, electrical outlets, cables etc. that are required to support all of your activities. Price everything out before you buy anything. You might decide that the scope you have chosen is too broad, and you may have to revisit your list.

Your home should be a reflection of you; your lifestyle, your taste, your interests and hobbies and your budget. I never want anyone to stress about money when designing or renovating your home. It’s just not worth it! There is always a creative less expensive solution out there that won’t leave you strapped for cash. (Maxing out your credit cards is NOT what I had in mind!!!) It may require making some tough choices such as rethinking the project, prioritizing or dividing the project into “now” and “later”. In this era of instant gratification it helps to remember the age-old wisdom that ‘the key to happiness is to be happy with what we have’. That doesn’t mean that we never strive to improve our current situation, only that we are grateful for what is ours at this point in time.  And since your home will inherently reflect YOU, when you are stressed or frightened and need to retreat  to your happy place’,,,that place will be your HOME!!!

til next time


Shaila Gottlieb