Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Power of RE

Great design doesn’t mean spending mega bucks to achieve incredible spaces that look like a million, and stand the test of time.
“RE” is such a small preposition but never underestimate the power of small.
REview how you feel in each space.
RE evaluate how each room functions, whether your taste has changed and the condition of your furniture.
REduce the clutter.
REmove things that impede traffic flow, and that are too large for the space.
RElocate furniture or accessories to give your rooms a fresh look.
REarrange artwork to give a more balanced, harmonious feeling.
REject, REtire things that aren’t working, then
REcycle them.
REfer to design magazines to narrow down your style, but REfuse to be trendy.
REalize that you are an individual, so even though everything that the REtailers are showing looks REmarkable,
REsist being part of the herd.
REach out if you are stuck!